Eikosi Dyo, Poetic jewellery by Melanie Nydegger

Melanie draws her inspiration from Mediterranean culture, nature, mythology and lucky charm symbols by reinterpreting their design codes into delicate and refined jewellery carefully handcrafted in Greece.

Gold & Stones

Learn more about the enchanting and powerful energy of each stone in our collections and the enlightening virtues of gold.

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When the Greek eye, tourmaline stone and the sea shell get together, good fortune is blooming on your path... Can you hear the tinkling?

Inspired by Mediterranean protection charms, the power of precious stones and the gentle sound of the sea! Send out your wishes and trust your path, you are in very good hands with those three.

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Rainbow Tube

Over the «rainbow tube», cast your spell and let the precious seven colors make your dreams come true!

Love, joy, happiness and all the good feelings that come after the rain inspired this collection.

Every color has a wonderful energy and seven is the perfect number, the number of infinity!

Magic has infinite way to express bliss!

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Inspirited by Greek culture, astrology, the galaxies, and celestial icons as powerful and magic universal symbols.

Allow you intuition to guide you, choose your guru: Sun, Moon, Saturn or Greek Eye and let it be your magic mate who will always protect you!

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Tourmaline stones and Smoky Quartz, highlighted by gold, traveled along a rainbow and gathered all the rainbow's colors to be an enchanting and protecting lucky charms.
The wonderful Tourmaline stone inspires a life full of love and joy, each of its colors represents a different magical property: love, energy, creativity, protection, green feeds your life force, while pink soothes and harmonizes, and black cleans and purifies your energy.
Smoky quartz, grounding stone, makes a great meditation partner and moves negative energies out of your aura.

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Bespoke service

We can customize our references to make it unique by changing the stones, the motif, the dimensions or sizing.

If you would like us to imagine and create wedding rings for you or if you have a special design in mind, let’s talk about it!

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