“eikosi dyo poetic fine jewellery collection inspired by mediterranean culture and maternal protection memories”

the origin of this collection lies in a love story that began in greece. the desire to draw from this reunion, set in such a particular light, the aridity of a wild land, the colours, the aura of a civilization, is an alloy of precious purity, raw simplicity and a feeling of protection

eikosi dyo spirit is inspired by the sun and its powerful energy...the delicate and refined jewellery bring together simplicity and the nobility of pure gold expressed by two sources of inspiration mediterranean culture and childhood maternel protection memories, the designs are available in four different golden shades: yellow, pink, white and black.

each piece is entirely designed by melanie nydegger and carefully handcrafted, respecting the ancestral traditions of greek jewellery, giving them a unique and original aspect that make their charm

significant symbol lies behind all designs through a story who makes them a poetic lucky charms...

eikosi dyo jewellery is like a second skin and brings good luck to those who wear them..

may all your dreams come true...!!